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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brown Chocolate Ugg: The boot fetish begins...Sexy UGGS

by Brown Chocolate UGGAlthough I admit to owning a pair, I was never one to buy the "they're so ugly they're cute" thinking on the traditional squat UGGS. Every time I slip them on, I feel instantly troll-like. But maybe it's just me.
That said, I wear them because (A) I do have practical side and (B) their fleece lining represents the pinnacle of footwear comfort.
But, I've always thought that if you could only combine the coziness of an UGG with the more flattering silhouette of just about any other boot, you would have the perfect winter staple. And, then, what should I spy on the aisle at Dillards tonight, but a pair of UGGS that does just exactly that. These sleek, fleece-trimmed UGG wedges are the sexiest take on eskimo-chic that I've ever seen. Okay, you might look a little bit like an extra from a "W" shoot if you actually attempt to shovel snow in them, but let the neighbors talk. They're wedges, not stilletos, and you look as fabulous as you feel. (They're $295.)
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